Waterproof Moving Head Light

  • A waterproof moving head light is a small flashlight designed specifically to be carried in the hand and used as a flashlight during moving times. In recent times, waterproof moving head lights have grown in popularity due to their low cost and large size, frequently reaching prices of just $50. However, if the light is not properly maintained and kept stored properly, it can also cause damage to itself by being subjected to salt and moisture. Here are some important tips to follow when storing these moving lights:


    Store Waterproof Moving Head Lights: Before you actually go out and buy any type of waterproof moving head light, make sure you have the correct size. The most common size is the "standard-sized" one which fits all modern phones (not including mobiles which may have slightly different sizes). To determine the correct size, measure from the base of the camera lens to the edge of the LED light's reach. Remember to not include the battery or the USB cable which are usually sold separately. When purchasing a product, always make sure you go for a brand you trust and with a reputable company.


    Connect/Disconnect: Connect the power source to the circuit board and then connect the batteries to the same. For Animation Laser Light, make sure that the circuit board is placed at the bottom of the phone's housing. This will ensure that the light source is completely protected even if water gets into the light's connector port. On the contrary, connecting the light source to the circuit board at the top or on the sides will give the possibility of a possible leak in the light source and give you the "rainbow effect".


    Setting Up/ dismantling: For this particular type of waterproof outdoor light, the best setup is the kind that utilizes a universal serial bus or UBS connector which is found on most mobile phones. The UBS connectors are made with two color-coded wires that are connected to one other. With this, it is easier to connect/disconnect the UBS cables in case you want to change the beam angle of the LED light. As for the wiring arrangement, the best setup is about six feet from the camera to the power source, the other cables coming from the UBS connectors are about eight to twelve inches long.


    LED lights are very sensitive; thus it is necessary that they have their own dedicated ground connection. This is done using a white-colored ground wire connected to the appropriate ground wire. If you are going for a truly professional look, you can always use a high power neon pink light which will give the best, brightest and most vibrant color combination and a good enough level of brightness to match any professional photography lighting background.


    In terms of an installation, a professional can opt to use high quality Sanyo SMT cable to hook up all required wires. He can then install the Laser Stage Light inside a fiberglass or acrylic shell and finally screw the shell onto the base board. For further convenience and enhanced durability, he can opt to go or opt for the optional reflector system. Reflector systems can be used to add some more functionality to the 350w transformer. He just has to place the reflector in the fiberglass casing and then connect the fiberglass casing to the power source.