• Laser reducing metallic sheets has unparalleled advantages. It no longer solely has excessive slicing accuracy, however additionally has a easy go part except burrs. Both thick and skinny plates can reap appropriate reducing results. However, these consequences can't be separated from the focal point manage of the laser cutting machine. And the use of the center of attention of the SLR digicam to reap a higher imaging impact is the equal principle.

    Exchange desk fiber laser reducing machine:
    What is focal point control? Friends who are acquainted with laser reducing machines recognize that when the laser slicing computer cuts distinctive thicknesses and substances and steel plates, in order to acquire a higher reducing effect, the center of attention of the laser beam will be set in distinct places, which we name focus.

    In the early days of laser reducing applications, the foremost approach of focusing was once executed manually. Now with the improvement of laser technology, this guide focusing technique has been progressively eliminated, and the automated focusing characteristic has begun to be slowly realized. For example, a full vary of high-energy laser slicing machines All are geared up with a completely automated focusing function. Then, any person would say that the optical route has been built-in into the reducing head, so the focal point characteristic can be completed by way of altering the peak of the reducing head? When the reducing head rises, the center of attention function is high, and when the slicing head goes down, the focal point role is low. However, it turns out that it is now not as easy as imagined.

    The backside of the laser reducing head is the nozzle. During the slicing process, the distance between the nozzle and the workpiece (nozzle height) is about 0.5 to 1.5 mm, which may additionally be considered as a constant value. The nozzle peak is unchanged, so it is not possible to focal point by means of lifting the slicing head (otherwise the reducing method can't be completed).

    Supplying laser reducing nozzles, lens and ceramics

    The focal size of the focusing lens can't be changed, so you can't focal point through altering the focal length. If the function of the focusing lens is changed, the center of attention role can be changed: if the focusing lens is lowered, the focal point is lowered, and if the focusing lens is raised, the focal point is raised. This is certainly a possible way of focusing. Automatic focusing is done by using the usage of a motor to force the focusing lens to go up and down.

    Another automated focusing technique is to set a variable curvature replicate (or adjustable mirror) earlier than the beam enters the focusing mirror, and alternate the divergence attitude of the mirrored beam by means of altering the curvature of the mirror, thereby altering the focal point position.

    Through the computerized center of attention function, when processing workpieces of exclusive substances and thickness, the computer can routinely and rapidly modify the center of attention to the most appropriate position. In this way, the processing effectivity of the laser reducing computer can be drastically improved, and the perforation time of the thick plate can additionally be substantially reduced.

    Therefore, for double drive plasma cutting machine, the auto focal point characteristic is an essential and integral function.