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  • An MSN account, in principle, can be a burden to the incessant flow of news and notifications. You may not have seen the benefits of the multiservice platform and its shared accesses with mail services such as Outlook and OneDrive, but if some voice of reason a few days after closing convinces you of the benefits of a Microsoft account, we explain how to reopen.


    Recover your MSN account from PC


    For your consideration, it is important that you understand that an account destined for closure has a short period of 60 days in case you delay and want to reopen it. If you are within the deadline, the step to follow is as simple as opening the session again, in a normal and current way. This action will automatically abort the closing process.


    Now, if the 60 days have passed without you logging in, in that case, you have nothing to do.

    Now, the cases of accounts to be recovered due to forgetting or loss of the password are also known, and in that case, if you must follow a few steps. We tell you about them below:


    1. Start by going to the link that we leave you below, with which you can start the password recovery process:



    1. Now, you must provide a different email account (to which you have secure access) to contact Microsoft regarding the request.


    1. Then, enter some characters that appear on the screen. You check that you are not a robot and click on "next."


    1. A pop-up screen will appear asking for a code. It has reached the contact email that you provided from the beginning. Go to the inbox, and view the code to put it in the enabled box. Select "verify" with the code written.


    1. Fill in all the information that is required within the recovery from that is displayed so that you can show that the account belongs to you.


    1. Once the form is filled out, you must send it and wait 24 hours for a response. Good luck.


    Recover your MSN account from your mobile


    The process on mobile, far from being different from that on the computer, only keeps the small difference of requiring the use of the MSN App. Having it installed, you just have to enter and press the profile option "recover password." They play the same conditions of the 60 days, in case you have executed the account closure.


    1. Enter the app, and instead of logging in, look for the option to forget a password or recover an account.
    2. Follow the steps in the previous section.


    Suggestions for filling out the recovery form


    Step 5, within the process that we tell you, is the one that really requires your effort. We give you keys so that you do well.


    • Try to allow the location of your device, be it at home or the usual office. In this way, you generate trust in the monitors of the company.
    • As an Outlook user, you will be asked for contacts or common subjects in the mail.
    • If you have an Xbox console, you will be asked for the Hardware ID. Try to have the console close when you are doing this process. It will help a lot.


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