Custom Cosmetic Treatment Pump Common Sense Introduction

  • Know these common sense about the cosmetic bottle  Custom Cosmetic Treatment Pump
    Cosmetics are more popular in today's society, and the range of people used is relatively wide. Therefore, there are more researches on various aspects of it. Then, how much do you know about the knowledge of cosmetic pump heads.

    1. Distributor

    The dispensers of cosmetic pump heads are divided into two types: piercing type and screw type. For the function of the pump head, the types can be divided into spray pump heads, foundation cream pump heads, lotion pump pump heads, and gas pump heads. Mist valve, pump head for vacuum bottle.

    Second, the size of the pump head

    The size of cosmetic pump heads is very different. It is basically determined according to the diameter of the bottle body to be used. However, the general spray specifications are 12.5mm-24mm. For pump heads generally used for perfumes, gel water and other products, The length of the nozzle of the same caliber will also be coordinated with the bottle used with it.

    For the commonly used lotion pumps, the specifications are large, usually 16ml to 38ml. Generally, the water output of the cream and detergent products is 0.28ml/time—3.1ml/time. Therefore, the cosmetic pump head size of the Cosmetic Sprayer Pump Manufacturer can be Install and use as needed.