Did You Know How Foam Pumps Function?

  •   The principle of foam hand washing is that the bottle mouth has special device to make air mix with foaming agent. No one has ever seen a foam gun for fire fighting. The middle school must have done such an experiment. The drooping slip of the paper moved to the place where the gas flowed, because the fluid had the pressure reducing effect. The middle of the foam gun was a common gun head, and there was a set of holes with many sides on the outside. The Foam Pump Suppliers was sprayed out from the middle of the sleeve, because the air pressure was reduced, and a large amount of air was sucked in from the side and mixed with foam.

      The advantages of foam hand sanitizer are:

      1, easy to use: the pump head is extruded out of foam, eliminating the process of washing and foaming.

      2. Dosage saving: each use is 1 / 2 of the amount of ordinary hand sanitizer.

      3, double effect: direct frothing, not easy to fall, so that the effective ingredients in the foam are fully utilized, greatly improving the effect of cleaning, sterilization and moistening.

      Did you know how lotion pumps function?

      Used for dispensing viscous fluids, lotions pumps are widely used for products such as lquid soap, hand sanitizer, shampoo,showergel,pet hair cleaning and face wash etc. Although there is plethora of variety available of lotion pumps these days but the fundamental mechanism remain the same.

      We shall delve into major parts of lotion pumps and understand how they function.

      Key parts of a Pumping Lotion

      A Lotion Pump is typically made up of following six components:


      Head of the Liquid Pump, it is usually made of PP material. Working as the pump head, it performs the primary task of discharging material from the lotion pump reservoir when pressed from above.


      this unit performs the most important task of securing the entire material in the neck of the lotion pump. It is vital to ensure that the entire assembly is secured.

      Outer Gasket

      It helps in preventing the leakage of material from the lotion bottle land area. Typically made of low-density polyethylene or rubber, is usually friction-fitted inside the closure.


      Housing unit assembles all the parts of the liquid pump dispenser in one place. Apart from that, it also functions as transfer vessel of sending material to the actuator from the dip tube.

      Dip Tube

      Made of PP, it is a long tube extending from the head of lotion pump dispenser to its extreme bottom.

      Internal Housing Components

      Internal Housing Components containing of Ball, Spring, Piston & Stem, the inner housing compartment. The specification may vary from manufacturer to another.

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      Generally, the sizes of emulsion pumps are 24/410, 28/410, 32/410, 38/410, and also 400, and 410/400 refers to the screw port.