Lotion Pumps Delivery Time Frame

  •   If you want to buy lotion pumps in bulk, you should check out various sites on the internet. You may get hits on local sites, global sites and even directories. Alternatively, you can check out the yellow pages and business directories. Most likely you will be able to find many sites, manufacturers or suppliers from whom you can buy lotion pump head in bulk.


      When you already have your bottles or other containers sourced, you may be able to get the lotion pumps from the same suppliers. However, some sell the pumps separately; in that case, unless you know exactly what you want, you may have a hard time zeroing in on the right kind of lotion pump. One of major benefits of buying lotion pumps in bulk is that you can get them at a wholesale rate that helps keep your packaging costs down. In addition, if you are also buying your bottles at wholesale rates, you save even more on the costs.

      The problem only occurs if you are launching a new product and are testing the waters – you may not know which containers are right for your product and which specific type of lotion pump will be appropriate for the container. When selecting a lotion pump for dispensing liquids you need to know:

      Its application and usage

      The precise amount that will be dispensed with each pumping action

      The neck size of the bottles

      The kind of lotion pump that you require as these come in various different designs

      Your budget

      Your delivery time frame

      While you can hunt all over on search engines and directories, and get a sense of what is available and the prices, you may not be sure of other aspects like track record and experience and whether or not you will get exactly what you want and the time frame required. We provide the right guidance and advice that will enable you to buy lotion pumps in bulk without hassles from our suppliers.

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