Ultra Fine Mist Sprayers Are One Of The Best Ways To Utilize

  •   Spray bottles are one of the best ways to utilize your essential oils. They are quick, easy, and versatile. However, not just any spray bottle will do. A few things to keep in mind when you are picking out a spray bottle for your essential oil blends:

      Choose glass spray bottles. Some essential oils with break down or react with plastic and metal containers. Using glass will keep particles from the bottle from leaching into your essential oils. Aluminum ultra fine mist sprayer manufacturers are popular because of their sleek look. If you decide to go that direction, look for bottles with lined interiors.

      Tinted glass is better. While clear glass bottles are not harmful to your oils, they do not offer protection from ultraviolet light - the most common source being sunlight. Exposure to sunlight can diminish essential oil's aromatic and therapeutic benefits. Amber and cobalt glass are the best options although there are tons of other fun colors out there and any tinting will be beneficial. If you love the look of clear glass, do your best to store them in a cool, dark place.

      Pick the right spray mechanism. There are two basic types of spray mechanisms. Fine mist atomizers are perfect for maximizing the distribution of your blends. Use them for body, room, and, linen sprays, etc. Trigger spray mechanisms typically have multiple settings that range from mist to stream. These offer more flexibility, and are an excellent choice for your DIY essential oil cleaning products.

      Have fun with your options! There are so many ways to go when choosing your spray bottles. Need a small bottle to keep in your bag or for samples? Need something larger to help you tackle the bathroom or kitchen cleaning? Want to mix up several different room spray blends and use color coding to keep track of them? Done, done, and done!

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