How To Dredge Treatment Pump Manufacturer


    If the foam pump bottle of the pocket perfume pen supplier is blocked, it may be because the small particles are stuck by the small screen in the foam pump head.

    Or, if you don't use the pump often, the liquid soap may gradually condense and form a film on the screen, causing blockage.

    The following is the method to unblock the foam pump bottle.

    You may find that when using soap and nut liquid with a foam pump bottle, the bottle can easily become clogged.

    This is most likely due to the tiny residues in the saponified juice stuck on the screen.

    This is why it is important to filter the soap and nut liquid as finely as possible. I use fine coffee filter paper to help me.

    Secondly, the properties of saponaria are not as smooth as soap. On the contrary, it has more "friction" in the water.

    This will cause friction in the pump head for a period of time and will not rebound smoothly as usual.

    This is based on my own observation. If you like to use soap and fruit foam, then you may need to unclog the foam treatment pump manufacturer more frequently.