The suspicious focus of Pokémon design

  • Every distress activity in the game expresses regret for the actions and sympathy of the victims. So why are the wrongdoers still part of Team Rocket? It is guessed that they do not lack the fun of Pokémon, so they have enough to lead a normal life out of crime.

    Family relationship issues. In some episodes, Delia mentioned how Ash's father continued his Pokémon journey. The store can provide the Buy Shiny Pokemon service for the player's entire journey. Therefore, this selfish man abandoned his family. Seek your selfish desires. If this is true, then the journey of Pokémon will become more suspicious.

    Money issues. Although Pokémon World offers a lot of work, it is not yet clear how the economy works. In the game, the coach gets paid when he wins the game. Even in the wild, he can win the game. And can fight against inexperienced opponents.

    Ability issues. From day one, Pikachu has become Ash's main Pokémon. They have experienced countless adventures and challenges together. All in all, the electric mouse should be Ash's most powerful Pokémon. When encountering strong opponents, players can go to Buy Pokemon to win. However, Pikachu's strength has undergone tremendous changes throughout the animation, losing to Trip's Snivy in the first episode of the black and white film.

    Win rate issue. From day one, Ash wanted to be a Pokémon master. He continued to work hard to be the most suitable candidate. And in the process challenged every stadium and Pokémon League. However, despite repeated frustrating approaches, he never really won.