The Composition of the Clutch

  • When choosing the correct clutch release bearing, you obviously need to know which type of replacement to buy. But do you know what the clutch is actually doing when you buy a clutch release bearing? For some people who are not sure how the whole process works, this is some insight.

    There are two important types of disc or disc clutches dry clutches and wet clutches. Dry clutches. Vehicle clutches are usually only seen on large tractors. The six main components of the clutch are the engine flywheel, the clutch disc, the pressure plate and the cover, the clutch release bearing, and the clutch release link or fork.

    In a dry clutch, the position of the clutch disc is between the flywheel and pressure plate of the engine (there may be multiple clutch discs). The pressure plate or pressure plate is fixed on the flywheel of the engine. Provide friction or friction surface area. Both sides of the clutch plate are covered with friction products.

    The clutch release bearing slides onto the transmission input shaft and moves through the clutch linkage. The clutch is connected to the pedal. The spring on the clutch maintains the pressure on the plate and driven disc. It will loosen the clutch tension and cause the driven disc to disengage from the engine, so power transmission stops. When the driver releases the clutch pedal, the spring sequentially pushes the pressure plate to the driven disc and then reconnects the power from the engine to the alternate.

    The wet clutch includes a disc splined to the drum and an embossed plate, the embossed spline of which is connected to the center hub. The photosensitive drum is connected to the input shaft, and the center hub is connected to the output shaft. . Both the plate and the disc run in oil. When hydraulic pressure is applied, the disc and the plate are pressed together. They rotate with each other, the hub and drum rotate with each other, and power is transmitted from the input shaft to the output shaft. In some devices, the plate and disc are mechanically pushed together.

    It is important to consider the standard difference between dry and wet clutches.

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