How to Play Druid in WoW Classic TBC

  • Feral druids are excellent levelers - high damage, high endurance, can heal and turn back into cats to cause damage. The druid’s travel form also gains high mobility at level 30, and the movement speed is increased by 40%. In addition, in cat form, the druid can use stealth to quickly complete certain non-sneak occupations that require longer time. Quest, if the druid reaches level 70, the druid can even defeat the hunter to level 70. Play well, especially with the leader and health bonus. Feral Swiftness is available at levels 20 and 21, when you start to make the cat form move faster. Druids have many things that can be upgraded quickly and cause a lot of damage. They are really strong in the dungeon.

    In PvE, druids have a powerful effect, and rebirth is also called combat power-the ability to truly resurrect someone in battle, and they also have a powerful mana regeneration spell Innervate. Druid's mana efficiency is also very high, can provide continuous healing spells and excellent team treatment. In addition to recovery, Feral druids have the ability to tank dungeons and raids. We think that Feral druids are not only excellent outside the tank, but also excellent in the main tank, especially in the later Burning Crusade patch, even in the classic World of Warcraft, we also see that the druid's tank is doing very well. it is good. So the druid is really suitable for tanks or deep dps.

    In PvP, the Druid and Shaman are tied for the best healers in PvP. Maybe the druids are better, they are close, but we will say that the druids are more famous and considered the best therapists, mainly because they are too slippery and they do a lot of treatment over time, They can be treated and continue to move. Coupled with the powerful control effect of the whirlwind, the druid is very powerful in PvP. When playing at the highest level, Druids are indeed a force that cannot be ignored, they are unstoppable!

    So, if we look at Resto-don't level Resto! In world PvP, if you recover from the difficulty of fighting other people, you may easily escape. In dungeons and raids, you will definitely be popular. As we mentioned, restoring druids has some good effects. On the battlefield and arena, we think you can’t find a better healer than to restore druids! Pair the Recovery Druid with the SL/SL Warlock, and you will have one of the most notorious combinations in the Burning Crusade!

    Let's look at Feral. This will be the specification you want to achieve. It is great in dungeons and raids. As Feral druids, you can have almost two different armor sets-you can make one set for DPS, one set for tanks, and you can have that versatility. Druids are great tanks, they can play open world PvP. Feral is very strong, not the strongest, but they are very strong-compared with other professions, their damage may be reduced, so we will not say that they are S grade, but you know it is feasible.

    Then unfortunately we came to balance. People don't really expect the balance to be good. It is not suitable for WOW TBC Classic Power Leveling, nor for dungeons and raids. In open world PvP, battlefields and arenas, it is slightly below average. We may be too harsh on the balance druid, but we would say it is very average. Don't forget there are TBC Classic Power Leveling for sale on z2u site with cheap price.