Now Moving on to WoW Burning Crusade Classic

  • The heyday of World of Warcraft Classic is rapidly drawing to a close. In a few days, the players will be faced with a momentous decision for their characters. Should the character move on to the Age of Burning Crusade along with the rest of the realm? Or do you let the character move to a new realm that will take place forever in the “Classic Era”? We want to find out.

    In WoW Classic, the pre-patch for Burning Crusade Classic is due in a few days. It upgrades all active realms and gets ready for the journey to Outland. If you want, you can then level draenei and blood elves to travel through the Dark Portal with your friends on the day of the release.

    Alternative - Eternal Classic Realm: If you don't feel like it, you can move your character to a realm from the Classic era and leave your old realm. On such a realm, time stands still and it never goes beyond level 60, the dark portal remains closed.

    Each player can freely choose how the whole thing should work for each character. So you can take all characters with you to Burning Crusade, just a handful or none at all. It is only problematic if you want to play the same character in both Classic and BC Classic. Because then you have to pay a lot of money.

    You can play both, but it costs: If you can't decide whether you want to play WoW Classic or BC Classic, you have to dig deeper into your wallet. Because it is possible to clone individual characters for the proud price of 35 $ (probably 30 - 35 €). Then the same character exists on both the WoW Classic realm and the BC realm. Both characters can then be played independently of each other. The costs have sparked massive discussion and criticism of Blizzard.

    But let's get to you now: How are you going to handle it? Are you staying true to the Classic era, are you drawn to Outland or do you want to play both with the same character?  However, enough TBC Classic Gold is essential, z2u as a professional website can guarantee enough stock and fast delivery when you buy World of Warcraft TBC Classic Gold.