Long Video and Short Video Competition on WeTV

  • Half a year before the deep integration of Tencent Video and Weishi, byte skipping had already taken the lead. In October last year, at the Watermelon PLAY Curiosity Conference, Ren Lifeng, the former head of Douyin products, appeared as the president of Watermelon Video, announcing that in the future, Watermelon Video will strengthen its linkage with Douyin in video content.

    Last Spring Festival, "囧Mom" was exclusively launched on Watermelon Video, which was regarded as a "war book" from Xiang Aiyouteng. However, the watermelon screening hall later launched mostly classic film and television dramas, attracting middle-aged audiences who migrated from TV. Watermelon has no intention to invest heavily in creating a series of popular dramas, but while rushing to sink the market users, while shouting the slogan "light up the curiosity about life", find Han Han as the spokesperson, strive for high-quality young users, in the depth and vertical PGC content Occupy the track and compete with Douyin's "fast food" content.

    "QuestMobile 2020 China Mobile Internet Annual Report" shows that among the TOP 5 monthly active users of short videos, Watermelon Video follows Douyin, Kuaishou, and Kuaishou Express, but the monthly activity has decreased by more than 24 million compared with 2019. The positioning of the watermelon video "China Video" is a bit embarrassing under the attack of long and short videos, which also shows that it is difficult for Byte to invade Tencent's entertainment territory in a short time.

    As a more powerful "Chinese version of YouTube" competitor, Station B has also firmly attracted young users, but not through mass entertainment, but through interest circles and UGC content. Since station B will not promote the habit of "short video chasing drama", there is no naked cutting and handling, the "second creation" with a big brain will bring traffic to the long video platform, so you will see "Creation 4 "Official accounts are open frequently. In the future, interpretation videos on station B may also be less affected by the "copyright knife". The community atmosphere here cannot be copied by long video platforms in the short term.

    It is precisely because of the hierarchical ecology that users prefer to revisit the four major classics and other childhood classics at station B (because this is the "greatest common divisor" of all niche circles), rather than chasing a new drama collectively , Xinzong.

    Therefore, the self-made variety show "Rap New Generation" at Station B failed to detonate on the entire network, and it was even a carnival for some people in the station. The self-made content of station B out of the circle only has two New Year's Eve parties (if "The Back Wave" is also counted), because the program is the "collective memory" of a generation.

    From this point of view, the B station that keeps breaking the circle is not a panacea, it is difficult to break into the territory of the long video platform.

    When the long video, short video, and medium video tracks have all been set, the combination of Tencent Video and Microvision has officially sounded the clarion call for video boundary integration. The video battle is also escalating into group combat, and platforms are becoming more and more intensive. Tend to differentiated competition and go deeper on the basis of grasping core users.

    The merger of Tencent Video and Weishi also shows that the self-digestion of traffic within the ecosystem will replace the flow of content between platforms, which may be the inevitable result of copyright standardization.

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