Knowing These Things Will Make Your Aion Classic Experience Ama

  • Aion Classic The early iconic dungeons of some games have been revived, leaving only the original four character classes available to players (each with two original subclasses). While maintaining the spirit of a classic MMORPG experience, Aion Classic players will progress at a moderate pace, giving them more opportunities to explore the demons and the heavenly world. AION Classic has launched and players may have noticed the Daeva Pass in-game. Aion's forums are absolutely raging about this and its candy problem afflicting Aion Classic. NCsoft hasn't directly addressed the outcry, but at least one member of the community team has been engaging with players and bringing feedback back to the dev team, which seemingly hasn't made a decision about the situation.


    Daeva Pass Overview

    Daeva Pass, which provides additional tasks and rewards and its premium currency, Quan. This currency can be used to purchase account services such as cosmetics, consumables, and name changes. In addition, Quan can be used to unlock the advanced level of Daeva Pass for more rewards. Think of it as a battle-pass or season pass reward track that you see in other games and MMOs, like Destiny 2, Magic: Legends and more. Whether you're a new player or experienced with AION, players of all experience and engagement levels can reap the benefits of the Daeva Pass, since it has no level restriction. The feature's dynamic seasonal rotation system also ensures that your activities and rewards are always relevant.


    This pass is priced at $30 in the premium version and offers various valuable items, which can also be obtained in the game. However, Battle Pass users can get Aion Classic Kinah that can be used for equipment relatively quickly. In addition, some content in the battle pass can be resold to Kinah.


    MMORPG Aion launched a classic server in the United States last week. Although the craze at the time of release was still great, it is now disillusioned. Many players are troubled by the game's payment system and even accuse him of Pay2Win Games. What's wrong? The classic server of Aion attracted a lot of attention when it was released. On the first night, more than 30,000 players lined up to enter one of the two servers. The server seduces with the promise of "Old Aion." So the server started with patch 1.5, and they came to us in the West in 2009, a bit like the nostalgic World of Warcraft in August 2019. Aion Classic can be played for free, no subscription is required, but there are strict restrictions that can only be canceled by subscription. The developer also promised that the store would keep Pay2Win free and focus only on cosmetics.


    To be honest, the battle pass is essentially worthless and that the rewards are mediocre at best, making the whole thing best ignored. There is one thing which is really important: Aion Classic Kinah. Basically, your every motion and upgrade all needs Kinah, it is more helpful than Daeva Pass. If you don't have enough time to make it, we are here to help you.