Cabinet Baseboard needs occasional maintenance to maintain the

  •   If you prefer the appearance of traditional hardwood, please use a hardwood cover as the decoration of the Cabinet Baseboard. Cut 1/4-inch wood or plywood, add stains and paints to match the existing woodwork, and then connect the strips directly to the Cabinet Baseboard with adhesives and finish nails.

      If you are still in the planning stage, you can build the structure out of hardwood or integrate Cabinet Baseboard, then dye and paint the cabinets. Hardwood Cabinet Baseboard is high-end and durable but requires occasional maintenance to maintain its finish. If you feel that you do not need hardwood toe kicks but do not want to add coverings, consider integrating a poplar Cabinet Baseboard. When dyeing and varnishing match, they are difficult to distinguish from hardwoods, and the cost is about half.

      Aluminum Skirting Board is also our product, welcome to consult and purchase.