Cabinet Baseboard is a recessed or flush space under the bottom

  •   Why Cabinet Baseboard?

      The Cabinet Baseboard is an important part of any cabinet where you will spend time standing in front. This includes kitchen cabinets and lower bathroom cabinets. The Cabinet Baseboard is a recessed or flush space under the bottom of the cabinet to provide a little space for your feet.

      This way, when you are doing things like preparing food or brushing your teeth, your toes will not touch the cabinet. It is mainly about comfort. You can still use the flush Cabinet Baseboard with no recessed space to prepare food.

      So why have them? The cabinets are either fixed directly to the wall or have legs. Without the Cabinet Baseboard, you will have space from the front of the cabinet to the entire bottom of the wall. No one wants to clean the space like that.

      The Cabinet Baseboard, whether recessed or flush, will place a decorative/molded piece there. They can be decorative or just flat pieces. The average depth of a toe kick is 3 inches and the height is 3-4 inches.

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