Modern kitchen uses Kitchen Cupboard Feet very well

  •   The personal choice may depend on the size of your feet... "Kitchen Cupboard Feet can prevent anyone with a tall or bigfoot from having to stay away from the counter and may strain their back when washing in the sink,". "This seemingly unimportant detail will have a major impact on the usability of the kitchen. This is a problem I often discuss with customers."

      "Although the countertop needs to be at the right height for you to maintain your posture, a toe kick can also help you stand closer to your work surface without leaning forward because your feet are not close enough."

      However, regardless of your shoe size, kicking with toes may not be your best choice.

      Modern kitchens use the Kitchen Cupboard Feet very well, but the traditional country style or Skaker kitchens often look better with proper Kitchen Cupboard Feet around the base

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