Product description of Aluminum Skirting Board

  •   Product description of Aluminum Skirting Board

      The price of aluminum skirting is more than meters. There are different price ranges according to budget and needs. The best price option is the matt gold aluminum skirting chrome-plated high-end skirt. Although the price is slightly higher than that of wood materials, its beautiful appearance and long-term durability for future impact provide a price advantage.

      Aluminum baseboard model; aluminum surface, chrome surface, led light, leather coating, digital printing surface are different. Aluminum skirting boards with a size of 6 to 10 cm and a height of 8 to 12 cm are available. Choosing a skirting board suitable for the concept and color decoration of the place can complete the decoration and increase the stylish and beautiful appearance.

      It is hoped that the aluminum base can be specially produced on the aluminum car body, and plastic paper with the required visual or logo design can be prepared, and digital printing technology can also be prepared. In the office, LED lighting skirting can be used to create a design that reflects your corporate image, or for work in a children's room in your home environment.

      When used with parquet, carpet, ceramic, marble, and granite floors, it provides a modern and beautiful office environment. This aluminum skirting line also called a metal skirting board or the end of the wall support wall should intersect the end of the wall to prevent the lower part of the wall from being dirt and impact. By covering the gaps and defective surfaces formed by the floor covering, it adds beauty to space. Aluminum baseboards collect telephones, electricity, Internet cables, and the channels in them, sorting out scattered and ugly images.

      Specifications of Aluminum Skirting Board

      The aluminum skirting board/wall bracket is made by fixing the rear fittings to the wall. The upper surface is locked to these connections. There is special equipment at the corners or at the foot supports.

      The aluminum skirting board is made of a single piece. Use tape or silicone to adhere the metal skirting profile to the wall. There are two different options, 6 cm and 10 cm high.

      Features of Aluminum Skirting Board

      Simple, sturdy, beautiful, and keep this style

      Excellent thickness

      Strong lock

      Perfect for home, hot tub, or deck

      Cabinet Baseboard is also our product, welcome to consult and purchase.