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  •   How to carry out Decorative Door Frame by painting the door frame

      Take the paintbrush (use a paintbrush that is no wider than the surface you want to paint) and dip it in the paint. Cover about half of the bristles and wipe off any excess on the edge of the bathtub.

      Move the brush closer to the bristles for greater control. Start from the inside of the door frame and apply paint in the middle of the door frame. Move up and down to spread the paint. This will give you an even finish and help prevent dripping and streaks, which means you need to use less paint.

      When you reach the inner corner, switch to a round brush, then gently push the paint into the corner, and then feather it. This will help prevent paint buildup and provide you with an even finish.

      After drawing the inside of the door frame, move to the outer surface of the door frame. Using the same technique, apply the paint to the center of the frame, using up and down motion to spread it over the entire frame.

      Finally, paint on the door frame. You may need this part of the ladder!

      Let the paint dry and check for spots.

      Apply a second layer to cover thoroughly. Follow the same steps as the first coat.

      While the paint is still wet, remove the decorative tape or masking tape.

      Wait 24 hours for it to dry completely, and then screw back the removed accessories.

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