The metal body of the Glass Tube Rotameter assembly is sturdy a

  •   With a tapered metering tube made of borosilicate glass, this is the original rotameter. It was introduced in the mid-1940s and was called the "universal" rotameter. Since the float is usually visible in the tube, the meter displays the flow rate reading directly on the scale on the glass surface. Low-volume Glass Tube Rotameters are widely used in purge systems, where they are called purge meters. The leftmost meter has a scale length of 3 inches, a needle valve on the inlet, and a constant flow differential pressure regulator installed on it. The meter on the side has a 5-inch scale and no adjuster. Larger capacity meters can be used to measure various liquids and gases, unless the use of glass is prohibited for safety reasons, it can still be used. The third instrument from the left has the end fittings tightened; the flange end on the right.

      Glass Tube Rotameter is usually used for simple but reliable flow indication with a high degree of repeatability. Alarm contacts can be easily added to provide high and/or low flow signals, where the contacts are activated when the flow is below or above the setpoint.

      For the meter range, the linear scale can be any 0%-100%. Calibration can be a direct reading of a specific gas or liquid, or it can be a graph of meter readings and flow rate based on the fluid being measured. Such a chart makes it easy to adjust the meter to handle fluids other than purchased fluids; conversion is just to design a different conversion table for the new fluid.

      The metal body structure of the Glass Tube Rotameter assembly is sturdy, which can keep the pipes aligned. Various types of end fittings provide process piping connections, whether they are internal threads or flanges. O-rings or packing glands at both ends of the tube seal it to the end joints. Some designs can easily remove the glass tube for cleaning or change the range without having to pull the meter out of the pipe.

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