The question now is how to read the Glass Tube Rotameter?

  •   Working principle of Glass Tube Rotameter

      The question now is how to read the Glass Tube Rotameter? Glass Tube Rotameter is the most recognized industrial flow meter, and its working principle is based on the principle of gravity and variable area. The flow rate increases and decreases the height of the float, thereby adjusting the passage of fluid flow accordingly, thereby adjusting the total area between the float and the tube wall. When the upward force generated by the flowing fluid and the downward force exerted by the mass of the float reach equilibrium, the equilibrium is reached, thereby maintaining the stable position of the float. The unit of measurement is liters or gallons per minute.

      How to read the Glass Tube Rotameter:

      In addition to floats and tubes, the rotameter can also be equipped with an adjustment knob, allowing users to set the flow rate according to their requirements. Let us summarize the process of reading the rotameter:

      Connect the Glass Tube Rotameter to the fluid flow source to start the process.

      Due to the velocity of the fluid, the float starts to swim in the middle of the tapered tube.

      There is a scale on the side of the meter. The upper and lower height of the buoy should be measured by this scale, which will give the flow rate.

      Therefore, this is how to read the entire contents of the rotameter. The function of the rotameter is the combined effect of the velocity of the fluid, the gravity of the float, and the annular area of ​​the flowmeter.

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