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  • With the improvement of people's living standards, people's demand for leisure centers is becoming more and more urgent. Especially in the hot summer, with the rising temperature, people in the stent pool can’t just stay in the cold air-conditioned room to spend the long summer. They also need to go out to breathe the fresh air outside, and they also need to get exercise. To help improve physical fitness. "Water" as an accessory in the hot summer has accelerated the popularity of Halloween Inflatable Toys Wholesale water park venues. Therefore, a large number of investors have also turned their attention to the establishment of outdoor mobile water park venues.


    The mobile water park is composed of stent pools, inflatable pools, inflatable water slides, water trampolines, water icebergs, water punching off, water seesaw water rollers, banana boats, water pontoons and other water floats, water awnings, water parasols, and water deck chairs. Investors can combine products according to the size of their own venues.

    Outdoor holiday inflatable decorations Manufacturers' mobile water park is an outdoor large-scale water amusement park that can be built as long as there is an open space. Some investors will ask how much space is needed to build a water park? In fact, the size of this site is not fixed, and sites of several hundred square meters, thousands of square meters, and tens of thousands of square meters are all possible. Of course, the larger the venue, the more comprehensive the products placed in it, and the more it can attract tourists.