Classification Of Inflatable Christmas Toys


    Performance advantages and purchase methods of inflatable battery cars

    In recent years, domestic technology has continued to mature and progress. airblown inflatable halloween decoration is actually a kind of children's battery car, which is extremely popular in the market. Various types of inflatable battery cars are dazzling. Then everyone knows the performance characteristics of inflatable battery cars. Are there any? What are the main points of purchase? Down


    The inflatable battery car is also called the children's inflatable battery car. It is divided into three types: double inflatable battery car, lantern inflatable battery car and single inflatable battery car. The inflatable battery car originated from Japan in the early days, but because the inflatable model was sewn by a sewing machine, it must be inflated with a battery and a fan. Even when there are no tourists, it must consume electricity to inflate. In addition, the inflatable model has a life of about 3 months.



    Therefore, this product was only used as a short-term performance business at the time, and it was impossible to recover the cost in normal operation. Because the inflatable models of high-cost disabled vehicles and sewing machines were immature and defective products, a major change was made specifically for this product. , Developed a new type of inflatable product-inflatable battery car.


    Features of children's inflatable electric car


    1. Plastic injection, environmentally friendly, durable and recyclable;


    2. Thick shell, realistic shape, bright color;


    3. The bottom frame is strong, installation specifications, and adjustment standards;


    4. The wiring is orderly, the arrangement is reasonable, and the installation is in place;


    5. Multi-layer packaging, strong binding, safe transportation;


    6. Stable operation, durable, high quality and low price.


    inflatable christmas toy craft classification


    Plastic Craft


    1. Exquisite and sophisticated production process.


    2. The plastic lacquer is exquisite, using lacquer, which is wear-resistant and high-brightness, far superior to ordinary lacquer, the color is bright, bright, and will not change color when exposed to sunlight.


    3. Fine glass fiber reinforced plastic technology, imported raw material platinum cloth, not easy to crack, not easy to rot, and long life.


    4. Exquisite mold making, beautiful appearance, exquisite, elegant and cartoon overall appearance.


    Glass fiber reinforced plastic craft


    1. The manufacturing process of FRP is relatively rough.


    2. The glass fiber reinforced plastic craft is artificially painted, and the surface does not look smooth.


    3. The appearance made by the glass fiber reinforced plastic process is not realistic, and the service life is not long.


    Applicable scope of children's inflatable battery car


    Shopping malls, supermarkets, stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, canteens, baby product stores, various toy stores, medical institutions, children's hospitals, community hospitals, community squares, community parks, theme parks, children's playgrounds, small playgrounds, Kindergartens, children's palaces, stations, docks and other public places with concentrated traffic.