Popular Lawn Inflatable Airblown Decorations

  •   Must… have… more… lights! This is usually the swan song of homeowners throughout suburbia who just can’t get enough of the holidays. For those who love to go big with lawn decorations during the yuletide season, here are some tips to keep Santa’s sleigh from killing your front lawn.

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      Ditch the Lawn Damage & Keep the Holiday inflatable airblown price

      There are several steps you can take to keep your winter wonderland from becoming a lawn disaster. Although it will require a bit more work, here are a few tips that we suggest for popular lawn decorations:

      inflatable-snowman-holiday-lawn-decorations-custom-lawn-kcInflatables should be moved about regularly. If they stay in the same place day after day for the entire holiday season, they’ll end up killing the grass underneath.

      Place heavy decorations on patios. You can minimize your time re-arranging multiple inflatables or heavy decorations by placing them on patios, in flower beds or the mulched areas surrounding the trees in your yard.

      If it has a stake, make sure you remember the sprinklers! Staking lawn ornaments means you must be familiar with the layout of your sprinkler and irrigation system. Many forget what’s underground while decorating, and not knowing where your irrigation system is may lead to a leak come spring.

      Prevent lawn fires by only using decorations, lighting and electrical cords safety rated for outdoor use. Even if the items are new, inspect and test them to make sure that they are undamaged and operating properly.

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