The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Various Materials For Garde


    There are many types of rattan, divided into natural rattan and PE rattan. Natural rattan is a kind of spiny palm climbing plant that grows in tropical forests. Although there are many types of natural rattan plants, they are mainly grown in Indonesia, so it is also called natural Indonesian rattan. The advantages and disadvantages of Garden Patio Furniture factory outdoor tables and chairs and rattan woven tables and chairs are as follows:

    Advantages: Because natural rattan furniture is all natural, it has a health care effect on the body and is deeply loved by people. The appearance of rattan furniture is delicate and smooth, and the touch is particularly prominent. Natural vines are generally not allergic, so they are especially suitable for children. Natural vines often maintain a close temperature with the surface of the human body, so they are cool without feeling too cold. Natural vines have strong sweat absorption and are not sticky to the skin. Strong and durable, healthy and environmentally friendly, natural and fresh, comfortable and practical.


    Disadvantages: Natural rattan resources are limited, and the amount of imported natural rattan from abroad has been gradually reduced. The defects of natural rattan furniture are simply cracked and deformed in the north, and problems such as the lack of raw materials have made them scarce. For example, the export of Indonesian rattan has been restricted, and the price will be higher and higher. And if it is used for a long time, it will simply age and mold. Much cleaner, but not clean.


    Garden Rope Sofa Set Wholesale imitation vine: more lubricating, flexible, durable, waterproof, sunscreen, mildew proof, mothproof, clean, easy to clean and other advantages than natural rattan. This rattan furniture is relatively cheap, with excellent abrasion resistance, excellent low-temperature impact performance, self-lubricating, non-toxic, water resistance, chemical resistance, and heat resistance better than ordinary PE.