Metal Accent Furniture Is On Trend

  •   Metal finishes are a classic additive or accent in the home and office interior design field and based on the finish, uniquely suited for every season, occasion or environment. Another way to put this is, metal frame furniture price and their wide range of finishes are a very practical in style and durability for a wide range of furniture designs. If you know you’d like to incorporate the versatility of metal pieces into your space and are unsure what is on trend, practical, tacky or suited to your personal style, were here to help! Let’s break down some of the differences and advantages of each of those options and help you choose the best products for your home:

      1) Anodizing VS powder coat or paint- There are three main ways to get the metal finish you’re looking for: anodized metal, powder coated metal, or painted metal finish. Anodizing is a simple electrochemical process that can form a protective coating of aluminum oxide to the surface. It works particularly well with aluminum as a base. This allows a plain piece of aluminum to transform (appearance-wise) into iron or copper, without the expense or weight of another metal. Anodizing actually turns out cheaper than painting and it’s ultra-durable, so it won’t peel off when your furniture is in high-traffic areas or the sun, like powder will. The key is finding pieces that have been anodized properly; a bad anodizing job would result in poor chemical resistance and easier wear and tear.

      2) Flash Plating- Flash plating is generally a thin coat of metal (copper, bronze, brass etc...), which extends a more unique and authentic look and feel then anodizing. Keep in mind though, anything which is flash plated and not treated otherwise, is subject to corrosion. Flash plating offers a wide variety of color and unlike anodizing, texture! You can create virtually any metallic look or feel, whether that be brushed, hammered or polished.

      3) Versatile range of finishes- The type of metal, colors and texture drastically effects the ambiance of any space. Fixtures and furniture nowadays come in everything from warm brushed brass to masculine wrought iron to sleek stainless steel. The only thing that’s limited when it comes to metals in your space is your imagination! Think hard about the environment and emotional response you would like to bring to life!

      4) Metal accent furniture is on trend in 2019- From farmhouse to modern industrial, both interior designers and non-designers are loving the look of metal accents. They’re cost-effective, they offer long-lasting durability, and serve as a complement to almost any style. In particular, kitchen fixtures, shelving, and coffee/side tables are taking residential spaces by the metallic storm (no pun intended!).

      5) The metal + wood look- The combination of metal and wood is also on trend year. This opens up a whole new range of opportunities for matching and/or complementing the rest of your décor. The warmth of the wood grain will even out the coolness of the metals and you’ll have pieces with a great deal of character on your hands!

      6) Durability- Metal is naturally one of the more durable materials in furniture and home decor. You don’t have to worry about your metal bookcase splitting because of a particularly humid summer. Likewise, the natural composition of metal makes assembly and disassembly less of a risk to your pieces. Combine the lightweight properties of some metals with their strength, and you have a piece that can move with the same ease as you!

      7) Metals are recyclable- Unlike plastics and other man-made materials, metals are very valuable to recycle, as long as they are non-ferrous (meaning a magnet won’t stick to them). Namely, aluminum, brass, bronze, cast iron, copper, steel, and tin can get you some extra cash at the scrapyard, and you’ll be doing wonders for the environment by going the extra mile!

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