You should Know About Customers Using In 2021 AWS.

  • Aws is making the cloud computing service platform that leverages the businesses, companies, governments, and individuals with on-demand services. The AWS offers compute power, database storage, content delivery, machine learning services, AI services, management and governance services, security services, analytics services, and much more to support business in growing and scaling to a record level. Also, AWS leverages all with a yearly subscription pricing model that does include the free tier facility providing practical experience on various AWS services at no cost. The IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS offer the best cloud computing, and that defines the responsibilities and tasks of AWS. You can Visit or contact Naresh I Technologies. We provide complete AWS online training for all AWS certifications. 

    AWS first arrived to handle online retail operations., and it was among the first cloud computing businesses to come up with the pay-as-you-go model, and currently it has bundles of data centers all over the world. Now it helps the clients solve their technical problems as well. You will find multiple services under AWS like data management, governance, networking, analytics, monitoring and control, security big data management, AI, and much more. You will find 100+ services that comprise the Amazon portfolio and that include all mentioned above. Some of the benefits that it provides are flexibility, security, elasticity, optimized cost, and agility. If you want to keep up with better business you need to make use of these services, as that can ensure the optimized business for you.

    In this article, we list the top customers from various domains who make use of the AWS services and are doing great business. The success of AWS hence Is based on the success of its partners. Let’s find some crunchy facts about AWS and its customers below through some series of questions. So, let’s begin.

    The highest number of AWS users comes from which US state?

    Its California is at the top with around 86,982 customers, and on the second spot in New York with 39,466 customers. At the third spot is Texas with 35,243 customers.

    What is the market share of the IT in AWS Cloud?

    The information technology services market share in Amazon AWS is around 21.2%. It hence has a huge market share and the market share is only going to get better in the upcoming years.

    Figure out the number of a small and mid-sized company in the AWS cloud.

    You will find 284,997 small-sized companies, with employees 1-10, that use AWS services. And you will find around 92,853 mid-sized companies with employees in the range of 51-200 employees that make use of the Amazon AWS. 

    What is the market share of the AWS cloud?

    The current market share of AWS cloud is 32%. On the second spot is Microsoft Azure with an 18% market share. Then comes Google Cloud, IBM, Oracle, and various others.

    Mention the lumpsum number of the available AWS customers.

    Emails of 3,274,631 AWS customers are available. All of these are verified emails that have been made available by the AWS after cross-checking,

    Name the largest AWS customers.

    Some of the largest AWS customers are Adobe, SAP, GE, Siemens, Intuit, Hitachi, Autodesk, Vodafone, Reuters., Netflix, ESPN, McDonald Corporation, Samsung, and various others.

    How many companies are making use of AWS?

    The total number of AWS users is around 1 million. And the maximum number in this list is of small and mid-sized companies which form the major percentage of the user base with 59% and 25% respectively. The large-scale businesses around 16% in percentage as far as the user base is concerned 

    What type of companies make use of AWS?

    The companies on the list are Draka USA, Era Helicopters LLC, Coleman Cable Inc., BNG Holdings Inc and there is a long list. 

    The complete list comprises Startups and various AWS partners. The companies come from sectors like finance, Media and Entertainment, Retail, technology, Biotech, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Software and Internet, Education., and in fact from all the sectors of the society. 

    Hence AWS is being supported by Millions of customers from all over the world, and from various sectors which cover all such. You will find that the world's best startups use AWS. May it be Airbnb or Zocodoc, they all use AWS and are proud customers of AWS. AWS is helping them in solving various technical challenges, also in hiring the right engineers, fundraising, and getting all the resources for starting the business. And that is why more and more startups are building on AWS, and AWS is helping them to succeed. 

    As a startup, you need the correct set of tools, documentation as well as resources for getting started as well as grow your business. Hence, AWS is your best friend if you are thinking of starting a startup.  

    Either you are thinking of building a basic mobile app, or any single page app, or any public-facing API, you can contact AWS.  AWS helps you in selecting the right database, leverages you with options like serverless deployment as well as in setting up of the API backend, and much more.

    AWS also lets their customers know how to optimize the cost, and monitor the security. Also, AWS is up with an AWS startup program., and that’s one of the prime reasons why the startups are looking towards AWS for the best level of help. AWS also provides free credits, the best level of support for business plus technical expertise.

    Some more companies to list who are making use of AWS is, Madrilena, FranklinPlanner, Trans Austria Casleitung, ChaosSearch, Gett, Candeal and many more can be added to the list as well, as the list is very long.

    You can have a sneak peek at the AWS site, and you can read through a huge collection of stories related to various customers of AWS, and discover how AWS helped to become the pioneering businesses in their respective domains. 

    The AWS customers are located all over the world may it be Asia Pacific, Europe, South America, North America, the Middle East, or Africa. The AWS customers come from each continent. Some more sectors where AWS offers its services are Agriculture, Digital Marketing, Construction, and Real Estate, telecommunication, travel and logistics, General public services, and all the sectors that require the resources offered by AWS. And the AWS resource list covers compute, storage, memory, networking, and all related to computers and IT. 

    And it does look like that AWS might have an even better experience in 2022, and the years to follow.

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