• Apple Watch also Detects Serious Heart Circulatory Disorders

    According to experts, Smartwatches may make sense, among other things, for cardiac patients. Some of the electronic watches allow you to record electrocardiograms (ECGs) and identify cardiac arrhythmias. Now it has been discovered that with the help of a specific Smartwatch, in addition to heart rate, it is possible to detect circulatory disorders of the heart.

    Smartwatches, which can correctly detect cardiac arrhythmias, such as atrial fibrillation, among others, have long been available on the market.

    This was also shown by a study by scientists from the German Center for Cardiovascular Research (JK) in the University Medicine of Greifswald and the University Hospital Basel, published last year in the journal JACC: Clinical Electrophysiology.

    And now the team of doctors at Mainz Cardiopractic, as well as at the Center for Cardiology of University Medicine of Mainz, informs the European Heart Journal that with the help of a certain Smartwatch one can also detect heart circulatory disorders.

    According to the report, their discovery can lead to the prevention of heart attacks throughout the world.

    Smartwatch ECG recordings provide evidence of heart circulatory disorders
    A case of an 80-year-old patient in Mainz shows that digitization can do a lot and even save lives in medicine.

    According to the data, the passionate bearer of Apple Watch came to the chest pain block of the University of Mainz medicine and complained of chest pain, irregular heartbeat and a feeling of loss of consciousness - all typical symptoms of coronary heart disease (CHD) and, therefore, possible harbingers of a heart attack.

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    But the subsequently recorded ECG and subsequent blood test were invisible. In the ECG recordings, which the patient previously made with her watch and showed to doctors, they then found pronounced decreases in the so-called ST-route and, therefore, clear signs of severe and acute cardiac circulatory disturbance.

    Then the patient was immediately examined with a cardiac catheter, as a result of which severe coronary artery disease was detected, which could easily lead to a heart attack.

    According to the report, the almost closed coronary vessels of the woman’s heart were balloon-ballooned and provided with stents. Two days later, she could be fired without complaint.

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    “The Apple Watch and its ECG APP were previously used solely to diagnose heart rhythm disorders such as atrial fibrillation. In our opinion, this is the first case that could also reveal circulatory disorders of the heart, ”said Univ.-Professor Dr. Thomas Münzel of the Center for Cardiology at the University of Mainz.

    “Given that millions of people wear such a watch, our observation is already sensational. It was also useful that the electronic wristwatch is easy to use for a sick elderly woman, ”the doctor explains.

    “That ECG application for Apple Watch can be used in addition to diagnosing the detection of heart circulatory disorders, many specialists and patients will find out around the world,” says Privatdocent Dr. Christian Elsner, Commercial Director, University Hospital, Mainz.

    “The case shows that the digitization in medical technology can no longer be stopped. Now it is about making them as safe and effective as possible for the future and patients. When used appropriately, digital diagnostic assistants can save lives, as is the case with an 80-year-old patient. “(Ad