What to Consider when Promoting a Video?

  • The virality of the video. Ideally, you should create viral content that will help bring the video to the top YouTube quickly and with a minimum budget. Think about what topics will be viral for your audience. Find this value.

    Promotion strategy. You should plan an advertising campaign to promote the video before its production. Those. You must make a list of sites for posting the video in advance, agree on its sowing (promotion), take into account ranking factors, etc.

    Hit the target audience. You need to know your viewers in order to get good performance for ranking videos. This will improve behavioral factors and, as a result, attract more traffic.

    Channel development. The viewer after watching the video should remain on your channel. Create all the conditions for this. Send it to see your past releases. Offer to like, leave a comment, subscribe, repost. All this increases the percentage of involvement and affects the video ranking.

    To get your video on top of YouTube, you must:

    Understand the psychology of the viewer - how he watches your video, how long he watches it, what he does next, what motivates him to do this.

    This will help you understand how to engage your viewer and what appeals to influence his behavioral factors.

    Know the principles of video ranking - what factors, to what extent and to what extent affect the output to the top YouTube.
    Your main task is for the viewer to watch the video to the end, be active (likes, comments, reposts), subscribe to the channel and watch as many videos as possible. YouTube will find you interesting to the viewer, useful to yourself and increase your ranking in the SERP. tips to get on top of YouTube

    Want to top YouTube, but can't even get 100 views? You’re already doing the 10th video, but the result is zero? Take it easy and remember: there are no quick results on YouTube.

    The specificity of YouTube is the work of the future . With or without investments, your channel will develop at least six months, on average - 1 year. You need to add not 10, but 100 videos to see the dynamics of the views. Work on the video for at least 3-4 hours a day, and often all day.

    Previews, optimization, analytics, negotiations, scripting offering different kind of coupons for discount. All this affects whether you go up to the top YouTube or not.

    We figure out why you need to get to the top and how to get there.

    Why put your video on the top YouTube
    As soon as the video hits the top YouTube results , you begin to receive organic video views . The longer he lasts there, the more money you can save on promoting your video.

    The output of the video to the top YouTube optimizes the cost of viewing and speeds up the approximation of the payback point of the video with further earnings on it.

    For entrepreneurs, this is an additional sales channel , the ability to build visual and confidential communication with the client. If you don’t aim to monetize your videos, do everything possible to “close” the viewer to a purchase.