OLIVERCPH OC1 Black Review

  • OLIVERCPH OC1 Black Review

    The OC1 Black from OLIVERCPH is something for lovers of the color black - even if it comes in a plain white cardboard box. The OC1 definitely lives up to the motto #AllBlackEverything: the dial, case and leather strap are black, the indicators and hands shine in chrome.

    The design of the OC1 is a mix of classic elegance and modern technology. Only at 12 and 6 o'clock there are Roman numerals, which give the dial a harmonious balance and the watch, in addition to its simplicity, also a noble character. I often find clock faces cluttered when large Roman numerals run around them. The hands also have a classic shape, but not as classic as Breguet hands, but a slightly curved shape. Thus, they match the simple lines and Roman numerals at the same time and underline the combination of elegance and sportiness.

    In addition to its sportiness and elegance, the OC1 Black also scores in its quality. The 40mm wide and just 7mm high 316L stainless steel case has a pleasant shape, is not too thick and the glass sits perfectly flush. The light refraction of the plexiglass is also good and it doesn't reflect too much. The OC1 is powered by a very precise Japanese Miyota quartz movement and has a running time of up to 4 years. The only white thing about the watch is the inner casing ring - which doesn't necessarily bother with so much black and complements the chrome hands. Nevertheless, black could also be used here.

    The narrow, smooth leather bracelet is nice and soft, matt and is very comfortable to wear. Some watches have a flat watch case, but have a thick leather strap - not the OC1. The leather strap, like the case, is also flat and the watch can therefore easily disappear under a shirt sleeve.

    The OC1 Black is the perfect counterpart to a black shirt, coat with black leather gloves - I did not expect so much elegance from a watch in this price segment.

    I usually wear a Rolex GMT Master II, also with a black dial and black bezel - but with a steel case, which, in addition to its color, also has a decent weight. Thus, the CP1 is a pleasant change if you want to wear something less flashy and elegant.

    After a full week of continuously wearing the OC1, I rarely missed my GMT. The OC1 is a real all-rounder; Whether in the office, having a coffee with friends or for an elegant dinner: thanks to the design mix and the holistic black color, it adapts to every outfit and every situation. I have also received consistently positive comments about the watch, although the watch is hardly noticeable on the wrist - probably because of that!

    I enjoyed wearing the watch continuously for a week and leaving the GMT in the watch winder. I was able to combine the OC1 with different outfits and was always amazed at how well it adapts to almost any color - even if it goes best with a completely black outfit, of course. But winter will soon be over and then it can be a little more color. For those who prefer less black, OLIVERCPH offers the OC1 in many versions, e.g. with a white dial and silver or gold case. For the price of just 119 € you get a lot of watch and a lot of design for your money - whether casual or elegant, you don't go wrong with an OC1