How to Develop an E-commerce Store

  • Exit to adjacent segments. Let's say a company sells sportswear. Then he decides to expand the range by adding sports shoes.
    Delineate existing segmentation. Almost any market segment can be divided into smaller sub-segments. For example, sportswear - for adults, children, professional athletes.
    Master new categories. In addition to the current directions of the same online sporting goods store, we can add sports equipment, exercise equipment for exercising at home.
    Rebuild the market. The niche can be segmented again. For example, to sell shoes not only for training, but also for active daily rest.
    There are many examples of well-known companies taking such measures for further development. The Nike brand, positioning itself as a player in the sports market, plans to sell sports equipment and provide professional services. AT&T, which was solely a telephony operator, included cable TV, cellular, voice mail, and Internet connectivity in the list of services. This is niche redistribution.

    In addition, a condition for growth is the development of a corporate culture, a corresponding way of thinking among staff. You also need:

    stimulate sales, motivate customers to more frequent purchases of existing products;
    sell more through useful related products;
    to increase the geographical coverage, to enter new market segments or regions with its offer;
    expand the client base, use all available promotion methods through various traffic channels;
    to develop new markets, to include new demanded products in the assortment.

    Stages of creating a strategy
    Now let's look at the classic stages of strategy development. The recommendations given in the algorithm are suitable both for creating a primary plan and for revising the current one. This is the backbone from which to start the assembly. It is necessary to choose what is more suitable in a particular situation, and establish a budget, taking into account the costs that will be required to implement the planned activities.

    In the finished strategy, we describe in detail the course of achieving the goal, we assign those responsible for control over certain actions .

    Performance is measured with reference to previously established KPIs . They can easily track how the work is progressing. If the indicators are far behind the plan, it is advisable to revise individual goals and tools or the entire strategy. To simplify the planning process in an online store, it is worth developing and implementing a standard plan format.