Review of Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR Smart Watch by Fossil Group

  • Skagen is launching a hybrid smartwatch with an e-ink display, very similar to the Fossil Hybrid HR watch.

    Skagen watches are available in two sizes, five colors and are equipped with a GPS module. The Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR will go on sale later this month.

    If you were interested in hybrid models of Fossil smartwatches, but for some reason did not find a style that suits your needs, the company will cover you. Fossil Group brings its e-ink hybrid smartwatch technology to the Skagen brand with the new Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR.

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    Like the Fossil Hybrid HR, Skagen's new hybrid watch features a powerful e-ink display as well as physical watch hands to maintain a classic look. The e-ink display can be customized with various widgets like date, daily activity, heart rate and more.

    Where the Fossil Hybrid HR had room for four widgets on the screen, it looks like the familiar “Skagen Denmark” logo takes up space on the right, potentially allowing only three widgets. We'll need to take a closer look at this to see if this is the case when we get it for a test drive.

    Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR smartwatch
    The Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR is available in two sizes - 42mm and 38mm, so those with naturally smaller wrists will have no problem choosing the right watch. A smaller watch case shouldn't negatively affect battery life either; Skagen claims the Jorn Hybrid HR can last over two weeks on a single charge.

    The watch also supports fast charging, where 50 minutes of charging will bring the battery up to 80%.

    The watch boasts a lot of activity tracking features. The Jorn Hybrid HR will track your steps, calorie burn, sleep, all-day heart rate and distance via connected GPS.

    This model also supports automatic activity tracking as you exercise.

    Basic smartwatch functions are also supported. Jorn Hybrid HR can relay smartphone notifications and control your phone's music. The watch also has a standard set of smartwatch apps such as alarm, timer, stopwatch and weather app.

    Hopefully navigating through the devices with the new hybrid watch model will be much better. Navigating the Fossil Hybrid HR's interface was cumbersome compared to other smartwatch platforms.

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    The Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR will go on sale on Tuesday, January 26 at a starting price point of 14,000 rubles in five styles / colors. The device will be available for pre-order at, Amazon and Macy's. Are you interested? Check out the details at the link below and stay tuned to our website for more device announcements announced at CES 2021 this week.