Wearable Devices which offers Optical Sensors

  • Microsoft band

    There is also a “smart trainer” service, with its help the user can set various tasks and monitor their implementation. Microsoft Band, no doubt, will make a name for itself in the field of "smart" portable devices.

    This innovative device, approved by all medical facilities and golf clubs, can be purchased for $ 199.

    RHYTHM + by Scosche

    Scosche's RHYTHM + is another fitness tracker with optical sensors that is used to monitor vital functions. The device operates on the basis of PerformTek's patented technology, optical sensors capable of collecting and storing all information. RHYTHM + is designed to measure heart rate and does not need chest straps.


    There are many applications on this device. All key indicators, from counting steps to measuring heart rate, are captured and stored in the RHYTHM + memory. It is possible to connect with other devices via BlueTooth or with devices with an ANT + display. Real-time data collection allows everyone to engage in productive training at any time convenient for him.


    The price of RHYTHM + is also very attractive - it can be bought for $ 79.99, where the user can get all the information about this innovative technology for monitoring heart rate.

    Atlas Wearables

    Trackers for training occupy an important place among modern "smart" portable devices. A sports bracelet from Atlas Wearables is one of them. Optical sensors help the user to count the number of waved hands when overcoming a track in the pool or the number of repetitions that he did when doing push-ups or bench presses. With the help of 3D optical sensors and the latest developments, Atlas Wearables engineers have created a device that will definitely be successful in the market.

    The application, running on the operating systems iOS and Android, provides up-to-date information on the state of the body, the effectiveness of training and can serve as a “smart trainer”. You can use the training mode to help during class or to exercise in free mode if the user prefers to work at his own pace.

    The Atlas Sports Bracelet is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters and charges via a USB cable. With this fitness tracker, you will not lose count during your workouts. At the moment, a preliminary order is open on the device, which you can place on the Atlas Wearables company website for $ 249.